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 Textbook List
Course Instructor Textbook Author Call Number Location
ACCT 3701   Financial Accounting Exam Questions & Explanations Gleim, Irwin N. PERSBK/LAW, DAVID/ACCOUNTING & FINANCE MAAG
ADV 3710   The Practice of Public Relations Seitel, Fraser HM1221 .S45 MAAG
ADV 3711   Advertising and Promotion Belch, George HF5823.B387 2012 MAAG
AFST 2600   Atlas of African-American History Ciment, James E185 .C55 2007 MAAG
AFST 2600   Introduction to Black Studies Karenga, Maulana E185 .K27 1993 MAAG
ART 1501   Launching the Imagination Stewart, Mary N7430 .O3 2013x MAAG
ART 1521   Drawing Essentials Rockman, Deborah NC735 .R624 2021 MAAG
ART 2662   Thinking with Type Lupton, Ellen Z246 .L87 2010 MAAG
ART 2674   Digital Photography Horenstein, Henry TR267 .H67 2011 MAAG
ART 3737   Children and Their Art Day, Michael N362 .D39 2012 CRC
ASL 1550   Master ASL! Level One Zinza, Jason HV2474 .Z56 2006 MAAG
ASL 1550   Master ASL! Fingerspelling, Numbers and Glossing Zinza, Jason HV2474 .Z562 2006 MAAG
ASTR 1504   Astronomy   QB43.3 .F73 2017 MAAG
BIOL 1551   Anatomy & Physiology Saladin, Kenneth S. QP34.5 .S23 2018 MAAG
BIOL 3705   Introduction to Human Gross Anatomy Womble, Mark QM23.2 .W653 2017 MAAG
BIOL 3730   Human Physiology Silverthorn, Dee QP34.5 .S55 2016 MAAG
BUS 3715   International Business Knight, Gary HD62.4 .C389 2020 MAAG
CEEN 2601   Statics Hibbeler, R.C. TA351 .H5 2016 MAAG
CEEN 2602   Mechanics of Materials Gere, James TA405 .G44 2012 MAAG
CEEN 2610   Surveying Fundamentals and Practices Nathanson, Jerry TA545 .N28 2017 MAAG
CHEM 2604   Quantitative Chemical Analysis Harris, Daniel QD101.2 .H37 2010 MAAG
CHFM 1514   Foundations of Early Childhood Education Gonzalez-Mena, Janet LB1139.23 .G65 2020 CRC
CHFM 2650   Assessment in Early Childhood Education Wortham, Sue Clark LB3060.217 .W67 2020 CRC
CHIN 1550   Chinese Link Workbook: Homework and Character Book Wu, Sue-mei   MAAG
CJFS 2602   America's Courts Neubauer, David KF9619 .N4 2019 MAAG
CJFS 2603   Corrections The Essentials Stohr, Mary HV9275 .C633 2019 MAAG
CJFS 3721   Criminal Evidence Ingram, Jefferson. KF9660 .K57 2009 MAAG
CMST 2600   Insight into Innovation Curnalia, Rebecca P91 .C87 2016 MAAG
CMST 2610   Communication and Culture in Life Wahl, Shawn   MAAG
CMST 2655   Communication in Groups and Organizations Pearson Custom   MAAG
CMST 2655   The Interpersonal Communication Book DeVito, Joseph   MAAG
CMST 4859   Organizational Culture and Leadership Schein, Edgar   MAAG
COUN 1587   Wellness Counseling Granello, Paul R727.4 .W45 2013 CRC
COUN 1587   The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook Davis, Martha RA785 .D374 2008 CRC
COUN 1587   Mind Body Health Karren, Keith RC49 .M522 2014 CRC
COUN 1588   Exploring Leadership Komives, Susan R. LB3605 .K64 2013 CRC
COUN 2650/2651   Learning the Art of Helping Young, Mark E. BF636.6 .Y68 2017 CRC
COUN 2650/2651   When Psychological Problems Mask Medical Disorders Morrison, James RC455.4 .B5 M67 2015 CRC
COUN 5898   Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling Remly, Theodore P. BF636.67 .R46 2020 CRC
COUN 6900   Exercises in Helping Skills Egan, Gerard BF637 .C6 E392 2019x CRC
COUN 6900   The Skilled Helper Egan, Gerard BF637 .C6 E39 2018x CRC
COUN 6900   Thoughts & Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods & Your Life McKay, Matthew RC489 .C63 M34 2021 CRC
COUN 6902   A Contemporary Approach to Substance Use Disorders and Addiction Counseling Brooks, Ford RC564 .B74 2023 CRC
COUN 6902   Drugs, Society & Human Behavior Hart, Carl L. RM316 .H37 2018x CRC
COUN 6903   The Addiction Treatment Planner Perkinson, Robert R. RC564.15 .P47 2014 CRC
COUN 6903   Beautiful Boy Sheff, David HV5831 .C2 S54 2009 CRC
COUN 6903   Blackout Hepola, Sarah HV5293 .H36 A3 2016x CRC
COUN 6903   Broken Moyers, William Cope HV5805 .M68 M68 2007x CRC
COUN 6903   Motivational Interviewing Miller, William R. RC533 .M46 2023 CRC
COUN 6903   Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Lewis, Todd F. RC564 .L494 2023x CRC
COUN 6910   Family Therapy: History, Theory, and Practice Gladding, Samuel T. RC488.5 .G535 2019 CRC
COUN 6910   The Life Span: Human Development for Helping Professionals Broderick, Patricia BF713 .B755 2020 CRC
COUN 6910   Transforming Families Martin, Don RC488.5 .M3692 2013x CRC
COUN 6920   Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling Remly, Theodore P. BF636.67 .R46 2020 CRC
COUN 6930   College Student Mental Health Counseling Degges-White, Suzanne RC451.4 .S7 C672 2014 CRC
COUN 6930   Group Work and Outreach Plans for College Counselors Fitch, Trey LB2343 .G67 2011 CRC
COUN 6940   The Life Span: Human Development for Helping Professionals Broderick, Patricia BF713 .B755 2020 CRC
COUN 6961   Ethics and Law: School Counseling Principles Stone, Carolyn B. LB1027.5 .S786 2022x CRC
COUN 6961   Reign of Error Ravitch, Diane LB2806.36 .R38 2013 CRC
COUN 6961   Transforming the School Counseling Profession Erford, Bradley T. LB1027.5 .T65 2019 CRC
COUN 6964   Principles and Applications of Assessment in Counseling Whiston, Susan C. BF637 .C6 W467 2017 CRC
COUN 6968   Program Evaluation in Counseling Spaulding, Dean T. LB2822.75 .S69 2014 CRC
COUN 6968   Research Design in Counseling Heppner, P. Paul BF637 .C6 H42 2016 CRC
COUN 6972   Essentials of Career Focused Counseling Luke, Chad HF5381 .L773 2018 CRC
COUN 6973   Groups : Process and Practice Corey, Marianne Schneider BF636.7 .G76 C67 2018 CRC
COUN 6976   Counseling the Culturally Diverse Sue, Derald Wing BF637 .C6 S85 2022 CRC
COUN 6980   Diagnosis Made Easier Morrison, James RA469 .M67 2014 CRC
COUN 6980   Treating Those with Mental Disorders Kress, Victoria RC473 .C37 K74 2019 CRC
COUN 6995   Principles of Trauma Therapy Briere, John RC552 .P67 B7495 2015 CRC
COUN 6995   Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence Herman, Judith Lewis RC552 .P67 H47 2022x CRC
COUN 6995   Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders in Adults   RC552 .P67 T763 2020 CRC
COUN 7001   Treating Those with Mental Disorders Kress, Victoria RC473 .C37 K74 2019 CRC
COUN 7003   Brief Counseling That Works Sklare, Gerald B. LB1027.5 .S4862 2014 CRC
COUN 7003   Counseling Children and Adolescents Kress, Victoria BF636.6 .K74 2018 CRC
COUN 7003   Motivational Interviewing in Schools Herman, Keith C. LB1027.5 .H4367 2021 CRC
COUN 7004   Helping Skills for Working with College Students Burke, Monica Galloway LB2342.9 .B87 2017 CRC
COUN 7018   Counseling Children and Adolescents Kress, Victoria BF636.6 .K74 2018 CRC
COUN 7019   ASCA National Model American School Counselor Association LB1027.5 .A433 2019x CRC
COUN 7019   Making DATA Work Young, Anita LB2822.75 .Y68 2018x CRC
COUN 7019   School Counseling to Close Opportunity Gaps Holcomb-McCoy, Cheryl LB1027.5 .H635 2022 CRC
COUN 7019   Unconscious Bias in Schools Benson, Tracy A. LC212.2 .B46 2020x CRC
COUN 7023   Student Development in College Patton, Lori LB2343.4 .P38 2016 CRC
COUN 7026   Good Practice in Student Affairs Blimling, Gregory LB2342.9 .G66 1999 CRC
COUN 7034   Handbook of Psychological Assessment Groth-Marnat, Gary BF176 .G76 2016 CRC
COUN 7043   45 Techniques Every Counselor Should Know Erford, Bradley T. BF636.6 .E74 2020 CRC
COUN 7044   The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration McClellan, George S. LB2342.92 .B37 2016 CRC
COUN 7046   Assessment in Student Affairs Schuh, John H. LB2342.9 .S37 2016 CRC
CSCI 4862   Murach's Java Servlets and JSP   QA76.73 .J38 M856 2014 MAAG
CSIS 3722   A Guide to SQL Pratt, phil QA76.73 .S67 P73 2015 MAAG
ECEN 3733   Fundamentals of Logic Design Roth, Charles TK1868 .L6 R67 2014 MAAG
ECEN 3741   Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics Ulaby, Fawwaz QC760 .U49 2015 MAAG
ECON 4880   Doing Economics Greenlaw, Steven A. HB74.5 .G734 2009 MAAG
ECON 6912   Microeconomic Theory Nicholson, Walter HB172 .N49 2008 MAAG
ECON 6912   Microeconomic Theory Nicholson, Walter HB172 .N49 2012 MAAG
EDFN 1501   Foundations of American Education Webb, L. Dean LA217.2 .W43 2017x CRC
EDFN 3708   The Autobiography of Malcolm X X, Malcolm BP223 .Z8 L57943 1993x CRC
EDFN 3708   The Light in Their Eyes Nieto, Sonia LC1099.3 .N55 2010 CRC
EDFN 3708   Pedagogy of the Oppressed Friere, Paulo LB880 .F73 P4313 2018 CRC
EDFN 3710   Modern Classroom Assessment Frey, Bruce B. LB3051 .F734 2014 CRC
ELIS 2601   Child Development: An Active Learning Approach Levine, Laura E. BF721 .L5225 2022 CRC
ELIS 2601   Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs   LB1139.25 .D48 2022x CRC
ELIS 2601   The Whole Child: Developmental Education for the Early Years Weissman, Patricia LB1140.23 .H46 2014 CRC
ELIS 3700   Constructive Guidance and Discipline Fields, Marjorie V. LB3012 .F54 2018 CRC
ELIS 3700   Positive Mindset Habits for Teachers Stevens, Grace LB2840.2 .S83 2018x CRC
ELIS 3702   The Common Core Mathematics Companion, Grades K-2 Gojak, Linda QA135.6 .G635 2015 CRC
ELIS 3702   Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons, K-2 Morgan, Emily R. LB1532 .M59 2017 CRC
ELIS 3704   Differentiating for the Young Child: Teaching Strategies Across the Content Areas, PreK-3 Smutny, Joan F. LB1523 .S59 2010 CRC
ELIS 3704   Nurturing Young Innovators Taddei, Laura McLaughlin LB1590.5 .T425 2017 CRC
ELIS 3704   Teaching Practices from America's Best Urban Schools Johnson, Jospeh F., Jr. LC5131 .J65 2019 CRC
ELIS 4801   Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong Loewen, James W. E175.85 .L64 2018x CRC
ELIS 4802   Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons, 3-5 Morgan, Emily R. LB1585 .M67 2017 CRC
ELIS 4802   Understanding by Design Wiggins, Grant P. LB2806.15 .W54 2005 c.2 CRC
ELIS 4803   Assessing Student with Special Needs Kritikos, Effie P. LC4031 .M42 2018 CRC
ELIS 4804   Best Practices at Tier 1 Gregory, Gayle LA219 .G78 2016 CRC
ELIS 4804   Differentiation in the Elementary Grades Doubet, Kristina LB1031 .D64 2018 CRC
ENGL 2651   Understanding Language Structure, Interaction, and Variation Brown, Steven P121 .B774 2014 CRC
ENGL 3703   Blizzard Rocco, John jE ROCCJ BLIZ 2014 CRC
ENGL 3703   The Blue House Wahl, Phoebe jE WAHLP BLUE 2020 CRC
ENGL 3703   Charlotte's Web White, E.B. jF WHITE CHAR 1952 CRC
ENGL 3703   Chester's Way Henkes, Kevin jE HENKK CHES 1988 CRC
ENGL 3703   El Deafo Bell, Cece 362.4 B433 CRC
ENGL 3703   Doctor De Soto Steig, William jE STEIW DOCT 1982 CRC
ENGL 3703   Essentials of Children's Literature Short, Kathy Gnagey PN1009 .A1 L96 2018 CRC
ENGL 3703   Goin' Someplace Special McKissack, Pat jE MCKIP GOIN 2001 CRC
ENGL 3703   Juana & Lucas Medina, Juana jF MEDIJ JUAN 2016 CRC
ENGL 3703   Julius, the Baby of the World Henkes, Kevin jE HENKK JULI 1990 CRC
ENGL 3703   A Kick in the Head   811.008 K46 CRC
ENGL 3703   Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse Henkes, Kevin jE HENKK LILL 2006 CRC
ENGL 3703   The Little House Burton, Virginia Lee jE BURTV LITT 1942 CRC
ENGL 3703   Moses Goes to a Concert Millman, Isaac jE MILLI MOSE 2012 CRC
ENGL 3703   No Voice Too Small   811.608 M588 CRC
ENGL 3703   Piggybook Browne, Anthony jE BROWA PIGG 1990 CRC
ENGL 3703   Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Cleary, Beverly jF CLEAB RAMO 2020 CRC
ENGL 3703   Some Writer! Sweet, Melissa 818.5209 S974 CRC
ENGL 3703   Voices in the Park Browne, Anthony jE BROWA VOIC 1998 CRC
ENGL 3730   In the Best Interest of Students Gallagher, Kelly LB1576 .G295 2015 CRC
ENGL 3730   The Reading Strategies Book Serravallo, Jennifer LB1050 .S42 2015x CRC
ENGL 3730   When Kids Can't Read, What Teachers Can  Do Beers, G. Kylene LB1050.5 .B45 2023 CRC
ENGL 3739   In the Middle : A Lifetime of Learning About Writing, Reading, and Adolescents Atwell, Nancie LB1631 .A72 2015 CRC
ENGL 3741   Argument in the Real World Turner, Kristen Hawley LB1631 .T825 2017 CRC
ENGL 3741   The Dynamics of Writing Instruction Smagorinsky, Peter LB1631 .D97 2010 CRC
ENGL 3741   The Reading/Writing Connection Olson, Carol Booth LB1631 .O55 2011 CRC
ENGL 3741   "They Say / I Say" The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing Graff, Gerald PE1431 .G73 2021x CRC
ENGL 4850   What is Sociolinguistics? Van Herk, Gerard P40 .V354 2018 CRC
ENGL 4851   Exploring Language Pedagogy through Second Language Acquisition Research   P118.2 .E967 2014 CRC
ENGL 4852   Teaching Reading to English Language Learners Herrera, G. Socorro PE1128 .A2 H4676 2015 CRC
FIN 3720   Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Brealey, Richard A. HG4026 .B6668 2015 MAAG
FRNC 1550   Chez Nous Valdman, Albert PC2129 .E5 V3 2014 MAAG
FRNC 1550    French Nouns and Their Genders Heminway, Annie PC2201 .H46 2012 MAAG
GEOG 1503   McKnight's Physical Geography Hess, Darrel GB54.5 .H47 2017 MAAG
GEOG 3713   Latin America and the Caribbean Lands and Peoples Clawson, David F1408 .C62 2006 MAAG
HEPE 2624   Children Moving Graham, George GV443 .G73 2020 CRC
HEPE 2624   Elementary Classroom Teachers as Movement Educators   GV452 .E44 2011 CRC
HIST 1511   Worlds Together, Worlds Apart V.1 Pollard, Elizabeth D21 .T53 2018 V.1 MAAG
HIST 1512   Worlds Together, Worlds Apart V.2 Pollard, Elizabeth D21 .T53 2018 V.2 MAAG
ISEN 3710   Engineering Statistics Montgomery, Douglas QA276.12 .M6453 2011 MAAG
KSS 2605   First Aid American Red Cross RC86.8 .A443 2014 MAAG
KSS 3730   ACSM's Exercise Testing and Prescription   RM701.6 .A27 2018 MAAG
MATH 2651   Mathematics Content and Activities for PreK - Grade 5 Teachers O'Mellan, Anita   CRC
MATH 3705   Fundamentals of Differential Equations Nagle, R. Kent QA371 .N243 2018 MAAG
MATH 3715   Discrete Mathematics and Applications Rosen, Kenneth QA39.3 .R67 2012 MAAG
MATH 3720   Linear Algebra Poole, David QA184.2 .P66 2006 MAAG
MATH 5895   Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems & an introduction to Chaos Hirsch, Morris QA372 .H67 2004 MAAG
MATH 5895   Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience Izhikevich, Eugene QP355.2 .I94 2007 MAAG
MATH 5895   Simulating, Analyzing and Animating Dynamical Systems Ermentrout, Bard QA371.5 .D37E36 2002 MAAG
MECH 1560   Engineering Graphics Text and Workbook Craig, Jerry TA175 .C72 2008 MAAG
MECH 2603   Thermodynamics Cengel, Yunus TJ265 .C43 2019x MAAG
MECH 2606   Materials Science and Engineering Callister, William TA403 .C23 2014 MAAG
MECH 2606   Materials Science and Engineering Callister, William  TA403 .C23 2012 MAAG
MECH 2641   Engineering Mechanics Dynamics Hibbeler, R.C. TA352 .H5 2016x MAAG
MECH 3742   Mechanism Design Erdman, Arthur TJ230 .E67 2001 MAAG
MECH 3751   Advanced Strength and Applied Stress Analysis Budynas, Richard TA405 .B82 1999 MAAG
MECH 4808   Engineering Design Dieter, George TA174 .D495 2013 MAAG
MECH 6915   Metal Failures McEvily, Arthur TA460 .M382 2013x MAAG
MGT 2604   Business Law Mallor, Jane KF888 .B8 2013 MAAG
MGT 2604   The Legal Environment of Business Melvin, Sean KF390 .B84 M85 2018 MAAG
MGT 3714   Business Law and the Regulation of Business Mann, Richard KF889 /M355 2017 MAAG
MGT 3725   Fundamentals of Management Robbins, Stephen HD31 .R5643 2015 MAAG
MGT 3750   Managing Human Resources Gomez-Mejia, Luis HF5549 .G64 2016 MAAG
MGT 3761   Business Driven Technology Baltzan, Paige HD30.2 .H32 2017 MAAG
MGT 3789   Principles of Operations Management Heizer, Jay TS155 .R383 2017 MAAG
MGT 6970   Global Business Environment and Operations Bahl, Mona HD62.4 .G5537 2017 MAAG
MKTG 3703   Marketing: Real People, Real Choices Solomon, Michael HF5415.35 .S65 2018 MAAG
MKTG 3740   ABC's of Relationship Selling through Service Futrell, Charles HF5438.25 .F868 MAAG
MRCH 4877   Survey of Historic Costume Tortora, Phyllis GT580.T67 1998 MAAG
MUED 4822   Choral Music Demorest, Steven MT930 .B82 2014 MAAG
MUHL 2616   Concise Guide to Jazz Gridley, Mark ML3506 .G736 2014 MAAG
MUHL 2616   Concise Guide to Jazz Gridley, Mark ML3506 .G736 2014 2 DISCS MAAG
MUHL 2618   Rock and Roll: Its History and Stylistic Development Stuessy, Joe. ML3534 .S83 2009 MAAG
MUHL 2618   Rock and Roll: Its History and Stylistic Development Stuessy, Joe ML3534 .S83 2013 MAAG
MUHL 2621   Listen Kerman, Joseph MT6 K365 2015 MAAG
MUHL 2622   American Popular Music Starr, Larry ML3477 .S73 2014 MAAG
MUHL 2622   American Popular Music Starr, Larry ML3477 .S73 2018 MAAG
MUHL 3771   Soundscapes   MT90 .S53 2015 MAAG
MUHL 3772   Concise History of Western Music Hanning, Barbara ML160 .H2827 2014 MAAG
MUHL 3773   Music in the Western World Weiss, Piero ML160 .M865 1984 MAAG
MUHL 3773   A History of Western Music Burkholder, J. Peter ML160 .G872 2010 MAAG
NURS 2610   Professional Nursing Concepts and Challenges Perry Black, Beth RT82 .P755 2014 MAAG
NURS 2610   Contemporary Nursing Cherry, Barbara RT41 .C564 2014 MAAG
NURS 2610   Contemporary Nursing Cherry, Barbara RT41 .C564 2017 MAAG
NURS 2643   Physical Examination & Health Assessment Jarvis, Carolyn RC76 .J37 2012 MAAG
NURS 2643   Physical Examination & Health Assessment Jarvis, Carolyn RC76 .J37 2016 MAAG
NURS 2646   Pathophysiology Story, Lachel RB113 .S84 2015 MAAG
NURS 2646   Pathophysiology Story, Lachel RB113 .S84 2017 MAAG
NURS 3710   Community-Based Nursing McEwen, Melanie RT98 .M3 2009 MAAG
NURS 3710   Introduction to Community-Based Nursing Hunt, Roberta RT98 .H86 2013 MAAG
NURS 3731   Maternity & Women's Health Care Lowdermilk, Deitra RG951 .M318 2012 MAAG
NURS 3731   Maternity & Women's Health Care Lowdermilk, Deitra RG951 .M318 2016 MAAG
NURS 3731   Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis Carpenito, Lynda RT48.6 .C385 2017 MAAG
NURS 3741   Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing V.1 Hinkle, Janice RT41 .T46 2014 V.1 MAAG
NURS 3741   Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing V.2 Hinkle, Janice RT41 .T46 2014 V.2 MAAG
NURS 4840   Nursing Diagnosis Handbook Ackley, Betty RT48.6 .A35 2014 MAAG
PHIL 1560   Consider Philosophy Waller, Bruce B74 .W25 2011 MAAG
PHIL 1565   Critical Thinking : Consider the Verdict Waller, Bruce N., BC177 .W3 2012 MAAG
PHIL 2619   Understanding Symbolic Logic Klenk, Virginia BC135 .K53 2008 MAAG
PHIL 2625   Ethical Issues in Professional Life Callahan, Joan BJ1725 .E73 1988 MAAG
PHIL 2625   Ethics Across the Professions Martin, Clancy BJ1725 .E762 2010 MAAG
PHIL 2625   Ethics Across the Professions Martin, Clancy BJ1725 .E762 2010 MAAG
PHIL 2628   Business Ethics Vopat, Mark HF5387 .B8768 2018 MAAG
PHLT 1531   Public Health 101 Riegelman, Richard RA425 .R55 2015 MAAG
PHLT 1531   Public Health 101 Riegelman, Richard RA425 .R55 2019 MAAG
PHYS 1501   Physics Giancoli, Douglas QC23 .G399 2014 MAAG
PHYT 8903   Cultural Competence Leavitt, Ronnie RA 418.5 .T73C845 2010 MAAG
PHYT 8905   Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Hillegass, Ellen RC702 .E88 2011 MAAG
POL 1550   Understanding the Political World Danziger, james JA66 .D36 2016 MAAG
POL 1560   We the People Ginsberg, Benjamin JK276 .G55 2017 MAAG
PSYC 3700   Social Psychology Aronson, Elliot HM1033.A78 2013 MAAG
PSYC 3707   Intimate Relationships, Marriages & Families Degenova, Mary Kay HQ10.5 .U6R53 2011 MAAG
PSYC 3709   Educational Psychology Santrock, John LB1051 .S262 2018 CRC
RELG 2605   Living Myth Tessier, L.J. BL312 .T47 2011 MAAG
SCWK 1510   Social Work : An Empowering Profession DuBois, Brenda, HV40 .D78 2005 MAAG
SCWK 2622   Social Work Skills for Beginning Direct Practice Cummins, Linda HV40 .C853 2012 MAAG
SCWK 2622   The Social Work Interview : A Guide for Human Service Professionals Kadushin, Alfred. HV43 .K26 2013 MAAG
SCWK 2641   Social Welfare: A History of the American Response to Need Stern, Mark HV91 .S6235 2012 MAAG
SCWK 2642   Dimensions of Human Behavior Hutchison, Elizabeth HM1033 .D553 2015 MAAG
SCWK 2644   Human Behavior in the Macro Social Environment Krst-Ashman, Karen HM861 .K57 2019x MAAG
SCWK 3726   Field Guide to Child Welfare Volume 1-4 Rycus, Judith HV741 .R94 1998 V. 1-4 MAAG
SCWK 3737   An introduction to Group Work Practice Toseland, Ronald HV45 .T68 2005 MAAG
SCWK 3738   Understanding Generalist Practice Kirst-Ashman, Karen Kay. HV40 .K465 2009 MAAG
SCWK 3738   Understanding Generalist Practice Kirst-Ashman, Karen Kay. HV40 .K465 2012x MAAG
SCWK 3750   Statistics for Social Workers Weinbach, Robert W. HA29 .W42 2007 MAAG
SCWK 3760   Research Methods for Social Workers Grinnell, Richard HV11 .G745 2014x MAAG
SCWK 4826   Planning and Conducting Agency-based Research Westerfelt, Alex HV11 .W47 2010 MAAG
SCWK 4826   The Practicum Companion for Social Work Birkenmaier, Julie HV11 .B44 2011 MAAG
SCWK 4827   The Social Work Dictionary Barker, Robert L. HV12 .B37 2014 MAAG
SCWK 4827   The Social Work Portfolio Cournoyer, Barry HV11 .C784 2002 MAAG
SCWK 5820   Becoming an Effective Policy Advocate Jansson, Bruce HV40 .J36 2014 MAAG
SCWK 5822   Generalist Practice with Organizations and Communities Kirst-Ashman, Karen HV40 .K464 2012 MAAG
SCWK 6900   Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice Saleebey, Dennis HV41 .S827 2013 MAAG
SCWK 6900   Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment Zastrow, Charles HM1033 .Z37 2019x MAAG
SCWK 6901   Culturally Competent Practice Lum, Doman HV3176 .C84 2011 MAAG
SCWK 6903   Direct Social Work Practice Hepworth, Dean HV40 .H53 2017x MAAG
SCWK 6907   Social Work Macro Practice Netting, Ellen HV41 .N348 2017 MAAG
SOC 3703   Aging, Society and the Life Course Morgan, Leslie HQ1064 .U5M6818 2016 MAAG
SPED 2630   Including Students with Special Needs Friend, Marilyn Penovich LC1201 .F75 2019 CRC
SPED 3715   Student with Mild Exceptionalities Zentall, Sydney LC4705 .Z46 2014 CRC
SPED 4835   Behavior and Classroom Management in the Multicultural Classroom Shepherd, Terry L. LB3013 .S515 2015x  CRC
SPED 4853   Your Mathematics Standards Companion, Grades 6-8 Miles, Ruth Harbin QA135.6 .M549 2018 CRC
SPED 4866   Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education Salvia, John LB3051 .S245 2017 CRC
SPED 4867   Teaching Students with Language and Communication Disabilities Kuder, S. Jay LC4028 .K83 2018 CRC
SPED 4868   Teaching Students with High-Incidence Disabilities Prater, Mary Anne LC3969.45 .P733 2018 CRC
SPSY   Best Practices in School Psychology, 6th edition   LB1051 .B39 2014x CRC
SPSY   Best Practices in School Psychology, 7th edition   LB1051 .B39 2023 CRC
SPSY 6904   Crisis Counseling, Intervention, and Prevention in the Schools Sandoval, Jonathan LB1027.55 .C74 2012 CRC
SPSY 6905   The Psychology of Multiculturalism in the Schools Jones, Janine M. HM1271 .P79 2009x CRC
SPSY 6906   School Psychology for the 21st Century Merrell, Kenneth W. LB1027.55 .M47 2022 CRC
SPSY 6907   Practical Handbook of School Psychology Gimpel Peacock, Gretchen LB1027.55 .P72 2010 CRC
SPSY 6912   Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Young Children   LB1139.23 .M86 2019 CRC
STAT 3717   Introduction to Statistics & Data Analysis Peck, Roxy QA276.12 .P422 2016 MAAG
TCED 2601   Becoming a Multicultural Educator Howe, William A. LC1099.3 .H68 2024 CRC
TCED 6936   Instructional Design for Teachers: Improving Classroom Practice Carr-Chellman, Alison LB1028.38 .C36 2016 CRC
TEMC 3702   Introduction to Middle Level Education Powell, Sara Davis LB1623.5 .P69 2018 CRC
TERG 2605   Literacy & Learning in the Content Areas Kane, Sharon LB1050.455 .K36 2019 CRC
TERG 2605   Teaching Reading Sourcebook Honig, Bill LB1573 .H4624 2018x CRC
TERG 3700   Equipped for Reading Success Kilpatrick, David A. LB1573.3 .K55 2018x CRC
TERG 3700   Teaching Reading Sourcebook Honig, Bill LB1573 .H4624 2018x CRC
TERG 3711   Best Practices in Adolescent Literacy Instruction Hunchman, Kathleen A. LB1631 .B44 2014 CRC
TERG 3711   Content Area Reading: Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum Vacca, Richard T. LB1050.455 .V33 2017 CRC
TERG 3720   Teaching Reading Comprehension to Students with Learning Difficulties Klinger, Janette K. LB1050.5 .K54 2015 CRC
TERG 3720   Teaching Reading Sourcebook Honig, Bill LB1573 .H4624 2018x CRC
TERG 3730   Assessment for Reaching Instruction Stahl, Katherine A. Dougherty LB1050.46 .S73 2020 CRC
TERG 3730   Teaching Reading Sourcebook Honig, Bill LB1573 .H4624 2018x CRC
THTR 1561   Illustrated Theatre Production Guide Holloway, John PN2085 .H64 2014 MAAG
THTR 2661   The Stage Manager's Toolkit Kincman, Laurie PN2085 .K57 2013 MAAG