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Library of American Civilization
The Library of American Civilization (LAC) contains an assortment of materials on American literature and society  from the 1600s  to 1914. Among the 16,000+  ultrafiche are pamphlets, periodicals, documents, biographies, autobiographies, fictional works, poetry, and rare books.  

All LAC titles can be searched in Maagnet or in the Index: The Microbook Library of American Civilization
 located on the LAC cabinets in the Microform Center
(Also on fiche: Ultra fiche LAC 00001-00005)

Ultra fiche LAC [number]
Library of English Literature

The  Library of English Literature (LEL) contains material relating to all aspects of English literature from Beowulf to 1900, including all of the works of major English writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton.. Many of the materials are duplicated in Maag Library's print collection.

        All LEL titles can be searched in Maagnet or

index: The Microbook Library of English Literature: Author Catalog and Title Catalog, located  on the LEL cabinets in the Microform Center

Ultra fiche LEL [number]



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Abstracts On Crime and Juvenile Delinquency  Micro fiche X104
Britain and Europe since 1945

A collection of publicly- and privately-produced documents pertaining to British membership in the European Communities

Index: Britain and Europe since 1945: A Bibliographical Guide (Micro fiche 1050 Guide)

Micro fiche 1050 
British and Foreign State Papers (1812-1934) 

               The collection contains correspondence by members of the Foreign Office,   foreign policy speeches given by the King, and relevant acts of Parliament. Each volume has a table of contents and an alphabetical index.

Micro fiche 1044
Crime and Juvenile Delinquency

Index: Crime and juvenile delinquency : a bibliographic guide to the basic microform collection (Micro fiche 1120 Guide)

Micro fiche 1120
Early Science Fiction Novels  (1876 -1935)

       A microfiche collection of more than 100 titles cataloged in MaagNet. 

Micro fiche 1450-1546
ERIC (search ERIC database for ED number)
ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center): A microfiche collection of more than 400,000 published and unpublished documents on education from 1966 to 1999 ending with document number ED426176. The collection includes research reports, curriculum guides, papers from professional meetings, government documents, pamphlets, and related material. ! Most non-copyrighted documents from 1993 on, and all non-copyrighted documents from 2004 on, are available electronically for free and can be accessed by using the "Find a Copy" feature in the OhioLINK version of ERIC. For items older than 1993, see the Maag Library microfiche collection. ERIC microfiche are filed by ED number in the Microforms Center

Index:  ERIC database, 1966-present

ERIC Microfiche
Food and Nutrition: Basic Collection (1981) Micro fiche 1438
Health Care 1970-78

Index: Health care, 1970-1978 : a bibliographic guide to the microfiche collection 

Micro fiche 1121
Literature of Theology and Church History  Micro fiche 1051
Newsbank 1981-1998

Newsbank encompasses a collection of newspaper articles from regional newspapers throughout the United States on issues of importance nationally, including many from Ohio. Print Indexes (1980-1998) are located in the Microforms Center.  An online version, called America's Newspapers covers 1991 to date.

Micro fiche X184 -187
National Register of Historic Places: Ohio 

Reproduction of the "Inventory-Nomination Forms" with information about each property, photographs and maps through December 1982, with supplementary materials

Micro fiche 1549
The Negro: Emancipation to World War I

Books and pamphlets written between 1863 and 1914 by and about African Americans. Over 250 titles  searchable in MaagNET

Micro fiche 1001
New York Theater  Micro fiche 1446
Playbills and Programmes from London Theatres 1801-1900 Micro fiche 1449
Slavery Source Materials Micro fiche 1052
Worker and Technological Change Micro fiche 1448



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Early American imprints 1639-1800

Reproductions of books, pamphlets, almanacs, scores, and other materials published in the United States. I

Micro print AC 1 .E2
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.  British  Sessional Papers, 1731-1800  Micro print 3
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.  Journals, 1547-1900  Micro print 4
Travels in the Confederate States

Index: Travels in the Confederate States: A Bibliography.
 Micro card E 462 .T7 Guide 
This bibliography serves as a guide to the microcard collection.

Micro card E 462 .T7



Call Number or Location

American colonial records Micro film 056
American literary annuals and gift books 1825-1865

American Fiction, 1774-1905:

10, 827 titles of adult fiction written by American writers and published in the United States between 1774-1905.
The reels are arranged by the number given each work by the publishers of the collection. For the location of individual items see American Fiction, 1774-1900: Cumulative Author Index of the Microfilm Collection. an index to the three volume collection. Organized alphabetically by author, each entry includes author, title, publication information and a volume number (I, II, or III) immediately followed by the accession number.

Micro film 353

Micro film 1000-1001

American Loyalist claims

Information about property lost by loyalists. during the American Revolution.


American Periodicals, Series I, 1741-1800


A reproduction of all periodicals, published in the United States before 1801 which could be located. There are 91 titles, including 4 of the most important periodicals from that time, the Columbia Magazine, the American Museum, the Massachusetts Magazine, and the New York Magazine. Subjects include politics and government, slavery, women's affairs, religion, books, and news. Some of the magazines also include stories and poems. The 33 reels are arranged alphabetical by title of the periodicals Titles are also searchable in MaagNet by title.
As of 2005, Maag Library also subscribes to the American Periodicals Series Online, 1741-1900 research database which includes digitized text of the periodicals in this microfilm collection.

Micro film 039



Micro film X 0540:reels 1 to 33

American papers of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel Micro film 0292
American state papers (1739-1837) Micro film 419
Art and Architecture Books-on-Demand Micro film 436 + 436 A
Book collection relating to the North American Indian Micro film 402
Boston Public Library. Dictionary catalog of the music collection Micro film 545
Burr, Aaron. Papers


Micro film 448 
Cabinet meetings of President Eisenhower 1953-1961


Micro film 445
Changing Attitudes Toward the Military in American Society 1768-1820

[The Standing Army, the Militia, and the New Republic [microform] : Changing Attitudes Toward the
Military in American Society, 1768 to 1820

Micro film 472
Chase, Salmon P. Papers Micro film 440
China 1946-1976 Micro film 490
COINTELPRO: The counterintelligence program of the F.B.I. Micro film 293-296
Congress of Racial Equality. Papers. Micro film 461
Continental Congress. Papers. 1774-1789 Micro film 441
Early British fiction pre-1750


Micro film 463
FBI files on the fire bomb and shooting at Kent State Micro film 531
French political pamphlets, 1560 thru 1653 Micro film 041
French Revolution material Micro film 026
Gallatin, Albert. Papers Micro film 489
Gates, Horatio. Papers Micro film 422
German Foreign Ministry archives, 1867-1920  Micro film 045
Great Britain. Public Record Office. Cabinet papers Micro film 023, 024
Great Northern Railway Co. Papers 1862-1922 Micro film 543, 548
Hamilton, Alexander. Papers Micro film 470
Harding, Warren G. Papers Micro film 057
Catalog of broadsides of American Verse in the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays.  Micro film 547
Hayes, John W. Papers


Micro film 341 & 342 
Hebrew University Contemporary Jewry Oral history collection. Part II: World War II, the Holocaust, Resistance, and Rescue Micro film 400
Hillquit, Morris. Papers


Micro film 074
History of Women


Micro film 443
Hunter, R. M. T.  Papers


Micro film 059
Intercepted Japanese messages: Operation MAGIC


Micro film 449 
Jefferson, Thomas. Papers (Library of Congress, Massachusetts Historical Society, University of Virginia)


Micro film 465, 466, 467
King, Martin Luther, Jr., F.B.I. file


Micro film 514
League of Nations documents Micro film 186
Letters sent to the Secretary of War relating to Indian affairs 1800-1824 Micro film 536
Madison, James. Papers


Micro film 512
Map room messages of President Truman


Micro film 487
McCoy, Isaac. ( 1808-1874) Papers    Baptist minister, Indian missionary and surveyor. Index:  Micro film 298 
McKinley, William. Papers


Micro film 300


Monroe, James. Papers


Micro film 513
Moravian mission records among the Indians Micro film 355 + Guide
New York Public Library. Dictionary catalog of the music collection Micro film 541
Newspaper press directory Micro film 468
O.S.S. and State Department intelligence and research reports Micro film 25,  455-459
Official conversations and meetings of Dean Acheson
Micro film 488
Ohio county histories
Micro film 115 + Index
Ohio Historical Society Archives. Papers of: Return Jonathan Meigs, Winthrop Sargent, Micajah T. Williams, Samuel Huntington, Thomas Worthington, Jeremiah Morrow, Ethan Allen Brown, Edward Tiffin, Othniel Looker, Thomas Kirker, Charles Hammond, Arthur St. Clair, Allen Trimble, William Curry, Joshua R. Giddings Micro film 385-398
Oil: The federal investigations


Micro film 542
Pacific railroad surveys Micro film 529
Penn, William. Papers


Micro film 348
Potsdam Conference documents Micro film 486
Powderly, Terence V. Papers


Micro film 341, 342
Press conferences of the Secretaries of State Micro film 082
Records of the British colonial office 1600-177 Micro film 520
Records of the International Affairs of the Ukraine 1918-1949 Micro film 082
Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1946-1953


Micro film 469 
Records of the Reich Commissioner for the Baltic States, 1941-1945 (Reichskommissar fur das Ostland) [microform]  Micro film 038
Records of the Reich Ministry for occupied eastern territories 1941-1945 Micro film 401
Religion in America. Dissertations Micro film 340
State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee (SWNCC/SANACC) policy files: 1944-1949 Micro film 429
Schomburg collection of Negro literature Micro film 374
Sherman, William T. Collection
Micro film 431
Smolensk archives Micro film 354
State secession debates Micro film 380
Telephone conversations of John Foster Dulles and Christian Herter 1953-1961


Micro film 444
Transcripts and files of the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam


Micro film 518
United States armed forces in Vietnam 1954-1975 Micro film 526
United States Census Office. Census, 1800-1820 Micro film 063-065

United States city directories 1861-1901: 

Chicago, 1861-1901 (#187)

New Orleans, 1861-1901 (#188)

New York,  1861-1881 (#189), 1882-1901 (#349)

San Francisco, 1861-1881 (#190), 1882-901 (#350)


Micro film 187-190

Micro film 349-350

United States Commission on wartime relocation and internment of civilians 1942-1945


Micro film 519
United States decennial census publications 1790-1970 Micro film 101
United States military intelligence reports, China 1911-1941

Index: See printed guide in the Microforms Center.  Micro film 492 Guide

Micro film 492
United States military intelligence reports: Mexico 1919-1941 Micro film 540
U. S. military intelligence reports: The Soviet Union 1919-1941 Micro film 522
United States National Archives and Records Service. Various U. S. State Dept. documents: Dispatches from United States Consuls..  and  Records of the Department of State... (check MaagNet by title for additional information) Micro film 1-18, 27-31, 83-99, 111-114, 120, 183-185, 194, 217-219, 232, 331, 343, 544, 549, 550 552 etc.
Vietnam and Southeast Asia 1946-1976
Index: Vietnam and Southeast Asia, 1946-1976 : [guide]  Micro film 521 Guide
Micro film 521
Virginia Woolf manuscripts from the Monks House Papers at the University of Sussex Micro film 533
Vietnam: National Security Council histories [War in Vietnam]

Index: A guide to the war in Viet Nam.  micro film 464 Guide

Micro film 464
Warmoth, Henry Clay. Papers Micro film 433
Webster, Daniel. Papers Micro film 055
Wheelock, Eleazar. Papers Micro film 021
Wirt, William. Papers Micro film 435
Wright American fiction, Vols. I-IV Micro film 1000
Yancey, Benjamin Cudworth.  Papers Micro film 434
Youngstown College newspaper clippings Micro film 415

Newspapers and Periodicals in Microfilm

Most of the 1,200 titles can be searched in MaagNET. See also the  Catalog of Newspapers on Microfilm  online or print copies Z 6945.Y68 1990  in the Reference Collection or Microforms Center


Call Number or Location

Barron's [1968 to date] Micro film X 339
Billboard [v94(1982) to date] Micro film X 1133
Computer World [v14(1980) to date] Micro film X 1108
Jambar [v1(1931)-v43(1966); v46(1968) to date] Micro film X 085
Manchester Guardian Weekly [v86(1962) to date] Micro film X 605
Marketing News [v1(1967)-v36(2002] Micro film X1186 
New Pittsburgh Courier [1966 to date] Micro film X 102 
New York Amsterdam News [Nov. 1922- Dec. 2002] Micro film X 467
New York Review of Books [v1(1963) to date] Micro film X 578 
New York Times [1851 to date]
Index: New York Times Index.
Micro film X 2000
New York Times Book Review (received with Sunday ed. NYT)
Index: New York Times Index.
Micro film X 2000
Pravda [1921-April 1958; 1968 -June 1991] Micro film X 0391  
Sunday Times [1973 to date.]
Micro film X 571 
Times (London) [1785 to date]
Index : 
Micro film X 399
Times Educational Supplement [1910 to date]
Micro film X 056
Times Higher Educational Supplement [1974 to date]
Micro film X 551
Times Literary Supplement [ 1902 to date]
Micro film X 055
Wall Street Journal   [1955 to date]
Micro film X 468
Washington Post [1971 to date]
Micro film X 842
Youngstown Vindicator [1886 TO DATE]


Micro film X 1026