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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

  • Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology Ref. GN 25 .C65 1994
    A readable guide to the major concepts of anthropological study. Browse GN25
  • Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology Ref. GN 307 .W56 1991
    A compilation of descriptions of the concepts discussed in the study of cultures. Browse GN307
  • Dictionary of Anthropology Ref. GN11 .D48 1986
    Theories and concepts of anthropology. Includes cross-references as well as bibliographic references. Browse Anthropology--Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory Ref. GN 281 .E53 1988
    Signed entries by experts in the field. Includes illustrations, bibliographies and cross references. Browse GN281
  • The Encyclopedia of the Peoples of the World Ref. GN 495.4 .E53 1993
    Information on cultures and ethnic groups from around the world. Browse GN307
  • Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology Ref. GN 307 .E52 1996
    The concepts, methods, and theories pertaining to cultural anthropology and related disciplines. Browse GN307


  • Atlas for Anthropology 2nd ed. G 1046 .E1 S7 1968
    Includes maps of tribes and ethnic groups, language areas and prehistory. Browse G 1046
  • Atlas of the World's Languages Ref. G 1046 .E3A8 1994
    Essential in the study of anthropological linguistics. Browse G 1046
  • Past Worlds: The Times Atlas of Archaeology Ref. G 1046 .E15 P3 1988
    This is an historical atlas covering the time from man's earliest origins to modern times. Browse G 1046


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  • Search: MaagNet (the online catalog)
    For search tips and information see Using MaagNet.
    Not sure of a topic? Here are a few

    Library of Congress Subject Headings to get you started:

    • Acculturation
    • Anthropology
    • Archaeology
    • Historical Sociology
    • Human Geography
  • Browse: the collections
    Resources in [Subject] may be found throughout the library: in the Reference Room, in the General and Oversize Collections, in the Serials/Microforms area and in Government Documents (see Building Guide).

    Use the following sections of the Library of Congress Classes for [Subject] to browse the shelves for books and periodicals. (For a listing of what the initial letters of LC Classes stand for, see the Library of Congress Classification Outline).

    • GF -- Human Ecology, Anthropogeography
    • GN -- Anthropology
    • GR -- Folklore
    • GT -- Manners and Customs
  • Search: the OhioLINK Central Catalog [combined catalogs of OhioLINK member libraries]
    For search tips see Search Tips and Information About the OhioLINK Central Catalog. See Where to Start to Find Books for additional resources.


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Search: Databases, Indexes and Abstracts

  • Search: Databases, Indexes and Abstracts
    • Use the resources listed below to find references to journal articles. Search by keyword or subject to find information on a topic.
    • Alternately, use a Subject Cluster Search to search several databases at one time. This type of search isn't as refined as other database searches, but will indicate which database would be a good candidate for further searching.
    • Journal articles may be available electronically or on the sixth floor of Maag Library. See Find Articles for an overview of how to find articles.
  • Browse or search: Electronic Journals
    • Browse electronic journals in the category [subject areas].
    • Search for articles using the Advanced Search Form for more options. See online help for more assistance.
  • The OhioLINK Electronic Journal Finder
    Browse or search the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Finder for a list of journals that may be available electronically in the Electronic Journal Center or other databases. For example, do a search like [keyword(s)] to find journals with those words in their titles.
  • Locate: the Current Periodicals in Anthropology for Maag Library
    Use this list to browse the Current Periodicals (arranged by title) on the sixth floor of Maag Library.

Anthropology-Specific Resources

Multidisciplinary Sources

  • Academic Search Premier
    A comprehensive database that has the index, abstracts, and full text for numerous academic publications.
  • America: History and Life
    Contains an index to articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada.
  • Electronic Journal Center (OhioLINK)
    This database contains the full text of over 6000 research journals.
    Full text articles from the first volume to the last 3-5 years for approximately 240 titles.


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